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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TWIT via MetroTwit Lebih SYOK Dari via Web!!


Hai HO!!

Sekarang ni ramai dah yang mempunyai akaun laman sosial Twitter 
Termasuklah aku~~ *TWITTER lagi best sebenarnya dari  FB hehe

Semalam gua ada mensi MetroTwit dalam entri  INI 

Inilah papan pemuka MetroTwit
*mohon yang ada dalam gamba ni jangan marah ^__^

sebenarnya MetroTwit nih??

"what you might fall in love with

NEW Tweet with me, myself and I.

With multiple-accounts support, quickly and easily switch between different personas for work or fun - view and tweet as if you were one. (MetroTwit Plus feature)

NEW None of what you don't want

With every thing going on, your friends are bound to say something you just couldn't care less about. Set up keyword, hashtag or even application filters to block out the noise from your streams.

NEW A DeLorean built-in.

Undo tweet is the fastest way to fix that silly spelling mistake before anyone notices. Flux capacitors included.

NEW All about you

Be notified when someone follow you, favorited your tweet and added you to a list. It's like having your own paparazzi.

Faster than a Peregrine Falcon.

Even the fastest animal on the planet can't deliver a message as fast. With support for Twitter's Streaming API, you can now follow along hot topics and discussions in real-time.

Look, it's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a funny cat picture!

Get a close look at all the pictures and videos with popup previews for third-party media services, including but not limited to YouTube and TwitPic, without ever leaving the application.

Tweet a thousand words, or just an extra few

A picture can speak a thousand words so simply drag and drop images from Windows to quickly tweet your best cat photos. Otherwise if just need an extra few precious words, TwitLonger makes sure you can fit it all in.
Of course there's always something brewing so more features to come..." - dipetik dari laman web MetroTwit

Bagi gua pengguna tegar MetroTwit pulak : 

Well penggunaan nyer lebih kurang dengan TweetDeck


TwitDeck dah tak boleh twit panjang-panjang kan.. Kalau MetroTwit ni boleh!!
Tak payah nak risau kira 140 huruf kaaaan..

Lagi pon MetroTwit ni kalau guna tak lembap macam guna via Web... HEHE

Tak percaya cubalah.. Tekan gamba kat bawah ni.. pastu korang download lah File yang ringan nih..

*SEBELUM TUH jangan lupa follow gua @Ezo94

NotaKaki : Tak cuba tak tau, dah cuba bagi tau kat ruangan komen yer!!


Phat said...

x reti dah aku mcm2 dah skang ni maklum la buta it

Muhamad Azam said...

AWW... belajo jer bang oiii haha

ZaroL said...

phat buta it....aku rabun it.

KorN said...

aku pulak, dah semakin pening dengan IT ni....

Cik tikah said...

adoi.. macam macam la. pening mak cik!

Muhamad Azam said...

cheh!! huhu~~~

Muhamad Azam said...

HUH tak payah nak pening sangat lah ~~ =P


Muhamad Azam said...

MEDOI MEDOI~~~ takyah pening sangat macik oii haha

Boni JLL3 said...

makin aku tak faham bila macam2 yang muncul sekarang ni..hahaha

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